ZeroCode Confidence Factor (ZCF)

Are you worried about the consequences of adopting a new technology framework for your digital needs? We offer you the "ZeroCode Confidence Factor (ZCF)"; a premium service to facilitate your decision-making.

ZCF is an adjustment factor in your digitization equation that deals with all the perceived uncertainty, inefficiency, and the resultant technical debt to ponder over while adopting the ZeroCode technology for your organization.

ZCF acts to instill confidence acting upon the challenges encountered en route to the ZeroCode implementation. It does so by offering the following services, plans, and offers:

The Flexible and Fit-To-Purpose Plans: No more worries about the efficiency and suitability of the product, We have various plans that can fit in with your varied requirements effortlessly. And the good part is, these plans are customizable and availed with short, medium, and long-term agreements with genuine exit policies.

ZeroBoarding Experience: Measured walk, jump start, or adventure ride, we have covered it all. From reaching out with your requirements to implementing ZeroCode for your projects, We've designed the ZeroBoarding experiences for varied needs dealing with all the activities and support requirements.

Premium Consultation Services: We know that providing you with ready-to-use technology isn't enough to meet your needs. You might need assistance in various activities surrounding the core development. ZeroCode connects you with an expert community of consultants offering the following services as part of your plan and à la carte:

  • Strategy Design: A reliable digital strategy is a must for any organization. Our consultants can help you design that winning strategy to ZeroCode your digital needs.
  • Requirement Elicitation: Requirement elicitation is not only about documenting, but it should ask all the right questions and supplement them with suitable answers. We help you gather and document your software requirements for ZeroCode projects in a format designed especially for ZeroCode, understandable for any ZeroCoder.
  • Project Designing: With technology like ZeroCode, you don't always need to rely upon traditional development practices. From nano sprints, hackathons to library models, there are innovative ways that you can explore. Our consultants help you to design the perfect development models for your requirements.
  • Custom Coding: Any no-code or low-code platform can't offer you everything you need to develop any application. There will be some applications where you need to write some code to achieve the desired result. Our developer community can help you code those pieces as and when required.
  • UI Theme Development: ZeroCode comes up with good default themes along with the number of UI themes from the marketplace. To build any custom UI, we are there to help develop those.
  • Deployment and Hosting: We understand that some of you need a hand to deploy and host your applications locally or over the cloud. We offer the services to do just that and also offer our hosting solutions.

Innovative Training Solutions: A well-trained resource can make a lot of difference. But training takes time, especially if it is a new technology. Our innovative training modules help you to get going quickly and learn continuously.

Developer Network: Availability and maintenance of skilled resources are some of the key factors in adopting newer technology. Add to that there are new employment models and a new generation of workforce emerging out quickly. We train, maintain, and offer ZeroCoders either with full-time or part-time engagement as per your requirement.

Support Services: An account manager is assigned from our side to hear you out, understand your difficulties and collect requirements to provide you with the best possible resolutions and solutions.

Partner Network: You are not alone here; we have development partners across the globe to implement your requirements as per your timelines.

Co-Creation: All our future versions will listen to you and consider your requirements and feedback to offer tailor-made solutions.

Exit Strategies: We are confident that we are here for a long journey together. But there might be some situations where you want a way out with minimum damage. We are coming up with exit plans for you to export your ZeroCode application as traditional code.  It helps you effectively deal with technical debt.

We look forward to speaking with you and addressing your concerns, adding ZCF to your digital equation.

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