ZeroCode: Model, Technology, Diversity, and Code

CHANGE is On. NEW is Digital. ZeroCode is the Next.

 IT development is always evolving with each year, which outlines the way customers adapt to new technologies and business performances. Low-code or Rapid Application Development and Delivery (AD&D) is the latest cue of the development choices made across by the IT companies to develop and deliver the business applications requirements is breaking into newer processes and practices of working for custome IT needs.

At Threshold Software Solutions, we have worked out a swift way of defining delivery practices, approaches through a niche business model ZERO-CODE to handle the emerging and evolving challenges by empowering the customers to consistently engage with their business. ZeorCode is the latest model of the digital era of automation with a drag and drop process of swift development, followed by plan, phase and need based software development models.


The ZeroCode development model is aimed to zerofy the challenges of the development, delivery, implement and maintenance and maximise the utility of the deliverables to enrich customers business; the fastest way to put your applications to best of its utility and the minimal code activity you involve with.

The ZeroCode brings in a tectonic shift into the software process models practiced by Companies to deliver by simplifying through pre-defined guidelines across different stages, teams, requirements, time, budgets and other critical factors.

The Model:

The uniquely identified basics, drives the elegancy of the model, are designed with focus on the critical Customers and Companies challenges are largely to abide by the essentials of any IT application development; Time (Development), Resources (Management) and Cost (Development Charges).

i. The high-priority for ZeroCode is to reduce the Development Time by having a pre-defined, visual-driven, widget-based programming, drag and drop development and implementation library minimises the Time.

ii. The quality and management of resources pool crunch across teams and projects is nearly minimised as the required availability of these resources is always a big challenge to address across the phases of the development.

iii. The Cost saving has been a tough task across pre & post development phases, as most of the development processes including timely delivery and management of quality resource pool always go hay wire and with ZeroCode you

 The model comes in two versions, one, as a service and two, as tools for custome development to engage the customers at their choice of convenience to IT development and business management. Empowering the Customers to engage the business and the technology in one go.

The Technology:

The Technology is a visual-driven, widget-based programming, development and implementation accomplished in a time as specified by the Customers business time and needs. It is aimed to deliver entire client’s IT requirements through a niche, simplified, powerful, enjoyable, visual development process, thus setting a new performance benchmark across end-end project deliverables management from requirement collection to development to implementation and support.

Swift deliverables assured.

The Diversity & Culture:

The ZeroCode showcases the true Diversity of Software/IT Development needs and aptly performs across the listed challenges by zerofying them a perfect pitch for deliverables ranging any from a Web Application to Mobile App and a CRM to an ERP; ready to deliver.

The Innovation and impact of the ZeroCode opens a wide range of possibilities to create new functionalities and features without delaying the continuity of the application performance. Raising above the traditional coding to visual development transforms a development Team into a development Force and a business performance to customer service perfection.

ZeroCode is for the enterprises of all sizes for high-impacting Digitisation and automation of their business and equally their business and customer culture with zero effort.